Rush Limbaugh: Batman villain Bane is a jab at Romney

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

On his radio show Tuesday, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh believes that the Batman villain Bane is a dig at Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

Specifically Limbaugh believes that the character is a reference to Bain Capital, the financial services company which Romney previously headed and which has been featured in President Obama’s campaign ads.

"Do you think it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breathing, four-eyed whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?" Limbaugh lamented on his syndicated radio show today.

Bane is played by actor Tom Hardy in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, which opens Friday. The character was created in 1993.

"Democrats are truly living in fantasy land if they think the Bain story is anything more than a little summertime blues for Romney," said conservative analyst Greg Muller. "The election will be a referendum on Obama socialism and the Obama economy. Wonder if the Batmobile was made in China."

But on Wednesday, Limbaugh denied saying that there was a liberal conspiracy connected to the Batman villain.

“I said the Democrats were going to use it," Limbaugh said today. "Which they are! Jon Stewart is harping on it."



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