Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger spotted together

By Alina Lakhdhir,

Taylor Swift was spotted hanging out with Patrick Schwarzenegger on the fourth of July.

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift spent the Fourth of July with the Kennedys, and at one point, she and Patrick Schwarzenegger were seen walking on the beach together. After the event, Patrick tweeted, “Had such an amazing day. Best 4th of July I could ask for. Hope everyone had a great day!”

According to the Boston Herald, Swift and Patrick, along with the Kennedy family, attended the Fourth of July parade. Additionally, Taylor had a great time playing with the grandchildren and sailing with the rest of the family.

Swift also seems to connect quite well with Ethel Kennedy, according to the New York Daily News. She met her in January, and said, “The only time in my life I have ever been starstruck was meeting Caroline and Ethel Kennedy. I got to spend the afternoon with Ethel a couple of weeks ago. She is one of my favorites.”

So, it seems that Taylor Swift is not only having a great time with Patrick, but she is also getting along quite well with the rest of the Kennedy family.



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