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By Meghan Giannotta,

Facebook has always made it easier to communicate with our friends and family members, and now it is making it simple to keep up to date with their lives on a more personal level. The social network now posts when users listen to their favorite songs and use certain neighboring websites.

If you’ve noticed more posts on your Facebook about what songs your friends are listening to, or articles they are reading, it may have not been exactly what you wished to see while searching your feed.

Apps are now connected with outside website sources, such as Yahoo, Digg, Spotify, and 8 Tracks. When your Facebook account is connected to other of your website accounts, your activity on these websites is no longer separate from Facebook.

For example, when you read a Yahoo article, instead of having to post the articles link on your page for your friends to read as well, Facebook has already posted to your friends news feeds that you have read the article. Facebook has instantly created an easier way for friends to recommend something for you without any effort.

The new app sharing is also being seen predominantly with music apps such as Spotify and 8 Tracks. When you listen to a song using these sites, your Facebook page is automatically updated to post the latest song that you are listening to. This quickly shares new music with all of your friends.

Facebook has added this type of news to the news feed in attempt to help users discover new places to go, events to attend, music to listen to, and news to catch up on.

To see what kind of information you are sharing with your friends, check out the recent activity spot on the right hand side of your Facebook page. This information and more is also available through accessing the Activity Log located next to your Facebook name. The Activity Log is a list of everything posted and can only be seen by the user himself.



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