Amanda Bynes accused of hit and run … again

By Daniel S Levine,

Actress Amanda Bynes is being accused of yet another hit and run this weekend. A woman claims that she rear-ended her and then sped off without exchanging information.

A woman named Kisa told TMZ that she was on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley when someone in a black BMW suddenly rear-ended her on Saturday. She said that she didn’t recognize Bynes since she “looked like a hot mess,” but when they began to talk, she finally realized that it was the former Nickelodeon star.

Kisa then says that she took out her insurance card, at which point Bynes “seemed nervous about that.” Bynes was convinced that the damage to both cars wasn’t serious, so she told Kisa that they didn’t have to exchange information, although Kisa says Bynes’ BMW suffered “significant” damage.

Kisa said that she continued to tell Bynes that they had to exchange information, but Bynes drove off. Kisa called police, who filed a hit and run report. She says that when she told the office the story, he asked, “Didn't she just get a DUI?"

Of course, the officer is correct. Back on April 6, Bynes was arrested for DUI after she hit a police car. Then, days later, she was spotted texting while driving.

In May, there were also reports of two other hit-and-run incidents.

Bynes plead not guilty to the DUI charge in June.

Bynes’ rep did not respond to TMZ’s request for a comment on the latest hit-and-run incident.



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