Caroline Manzo confirms book deal for 'Let Me Tell You Something'

By Cristina Bermudez,

Caroline Manzo, Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey star, has always been insightful with her words of wisdom. She is strong, opinionated and a proud mama bear to her family. Manzo confirmed that she has a book deal for her book, Let Me Tell You Something.

“Thank you for the opportunity Harper Collins It Books. I hope I make you proud!” she wrote on Twitter.

For years we have seen cast mates and strangers alike turn to Manzo for her advice and opinion on the show. She even hosted a radio talk show where callers called in and asked her for her advice. The 51-year-old reality star, wife and mother tells it exactly like it is and has now inked her life experiences in this new book in hopes that it will inspire and empower readers everywhere.

“I didn't think I had the right to write a memoir or a book preaching about anything. All I am is a 51-year-old woman that's had a lot of experiences in life and has managed to carve out a wonderful family and career and all that stuff. It's just basically telling stories of things in my life that maybe people can get something out of,” Manzo told The Dish.

During her seasons on the reality series, she has faced times when she has to face adversity right in the face. So, when it comes to Manzo, she has much to say and it’s all going in her new book. What you definitely will not find in her book is negative nay say of fellow Housewives members though.

“I absolutely refused to do anything negative about any of the other ladies. I did speak to being on Housewives and how it changed my world in so many ways, but it's just about me. It's about my kids and my marriage and my world now. Again, at 46 at the time when I joined Housewives, taking that leap of faith. It's a positive thing -- nothing negative at all. I hate negative -- it makes me insane. Nothing negative about any Housewives -- franchise-wide,” Manzo said.

Let Me Tell You Something will be published by Harper Collins and will be available on March 26, 2013.



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