Fun Activities to do on Labor Day with your family and friends

By Danielle Costa,
Some fun ways to spend your holiday with your loved ones!

Labor Day is approaching fast and, with it being the last big weekend of the summer, you need to make sure you have a ton of fun with the people you care about and let summer go out with a bang!

Not sure how to spend your Monday? Here’s a list of some activities you can do with your friends and family to help make the best of your holiday.

1. Go Shopping with your friends- There is no better time to go shopping than during a holiday weekend! Grab your best friends and hit up the local mall. Chances are you will not only find some killer sales, but you will have an awesome time browsing through your favorite stores with your friends. I know I will be checking out that last big blow out sale at my favorite store! I mean, 50 percent off...who could resist?!

2. Family BBQ- Nothing says summer like a good old-fashioned barbeque! Grab your parents, your cousins and your aunt and uncle twice removed, and grill up some hot dogs and burgers. Throw on some music and stuff your face with macaroni and potato salad! Some of the best family get togethers are the ones where we are all surrounded by a big ol' table of food.

3. Go to an amusement park- Now, I know theme and amusement parks are super crowded on holidays, but consider this: it is the last big and long weekend of the summer, so why not spend it twisting and turning on your favorite roller coasters?

4. Take a trip to the beach- Whether you do this during the weekend or just on the holiday itself, if the weather is nice, take this last opportunity to soak up some end of summer sun before the beached close up! Grab that bathing suit one last time, your favorite people and a radio and relax by the waves before the craziness of fall takes over!

5. Go see a movie-If you want to spend your last long weekend taking in some of the newest flicks, grab your family or friends and check out what is playing in a theater near you and relax in the air conditioning. Is one movie not enough for your day? Why not make it a day long event and see a couple of movies in a row? Grab the extra large popcorn bucket and enjoy the show! Two movie tickets too expensive? Make it a movie marathon at home. invite your besties and pop in your favorite movie triology...but the popcorn is still a necessity!

6. Have a huge water fight-During the last big holiday, my family and I filled up a huge bucket of water balloons and went to town drenching each other in the heat. Depending on the weather near you, this could be a great way to bond with the people you care about and cool down in the end of summer heat! Fill up water balloons, water guns or just buckets of water and plan a huge water fight with everyone.

7. Have a Picnic-If you want to simply relax with some friends, grab a basket and some food (maybe even a frisbee) and hit up your local park! A picnic is a great way to enjoy the day and weather, but also to relax. You can get in some great conversation and maybe a game of ultimate frisbee to pass the time!

8. Play a game-This may seem really broad, but it totally gives you the option to be as creative as you want! Get a huge group of people and play a game! It could literally be anything your heart desires: basketball, baseball, kickball, etc. If you plan a huge sports game, you will not only get to check off your exercise for the day, but you will also get to gloat to your friends when you beat them at ultimate man hunt. Win-win!

9. Go to your local Labor Day events-Almost every town and city does something fun or exciting for Labor Day. Check out your local newspaper or bulletin to see what your town has in store! You can still have fun on Labor Day in your own backyard.

10. Hang out at home with the family-For some people, Labor Day is the last time to really spend some quality time with their family. If that’s the case for you, then nothing is better than spending some time at home hanging out with your loved ones. Do some of the things on the list with them or just watch TV and enjoy a home cooked meal. Either way, nothing says holiday like time with family!

There are tons of things to do this Labor Day weekend! How will you be spending your holiday?



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