Hornblower Skyline Brunch Cruise

By TheCelebrityCafe.com ,

Hornblower Cruises are famous for their water tours around New York City aboard luxury yachts. They are a fantastic way to enjoy the New York skyline, whether for an outing, a reunion or a ceremony you want to make memorable.

They have recently started offering a Sunday brunch tour aboard their new Hornblower Hybrid. This 168-foot yacht has a 600-person capacity and features innovative technology that makes it the most ecologically-friendly craft on the water.

Some of the eco-friendly features include a power system composed of hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels and wind turbines; construction materials made from recycled materials such as glass and colored vodka bottles; and energy-efficient windows that keep the most comfortable interior possible.

All this new technology and recycled material doesn’t take away from the ship’s glamor. The Hybrid provides unobstructed views from its indoor decks so you can always have a good look at the city and surrounding area. It features customizable LED lighting to fit a variety of purposes, and a state-of-the-art audio and video system. You’ll also find full bars on each deck.

Which leads me to the food. The Hornblower brunch menu is one of most complete out there, with everything from cocktails to breakfast and from meats to dessert. And unlike a lot of brunches we’ve been to, the food here was outstanding. The pleasant and helpful staff kept the trays full and the hot food hot. We especially enjoyed the succulent seafood ravioli and the paella.

The brunch cruise is a two.hour long tour full of scenic New York Harbor views. They also provided boarding cocktails of sparkling wine and mimosas, and DJ entertainment and dancing.

A brunch tour costs about $57 per person, but it’s an absolutely worthwhile way to enjoy your Sunday.



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