Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake - NOT married...yet

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Fans are ecstatic that Justin Timberlake finally proposed to Jessica Biel, but has the media already stamped them husband and wife?

The pair were rumored to have wed in a super-secret Wyoming wedding, Daily Mail reports. Fellow celebrity gossip writer Janet Charlton wrote on her blog that the two “pulled a fast one,” writing, “A source just told us that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are getting married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as we write this! They pulled a fast one on everybody! They are in the middle of their ceremony at a very fancy private estate and members of the wedding party are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel there.”

She later clarified that the rehearsal dinner was going on as she was writing and the wedding was actually “today.” However, the singer/actor and actress are still just fiancés. A source refutes the news to E! News, simply stating, “It didn't happen.”

The news shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, in July the A Team actress revealed that she had done “next to nothing” to prepare for the wedding. Biel admitted that she wants to enjoy her time as Timberlake’s fiancée.

“Everyone tells me that being engaged is the really special moment. Not that it gets bad when you get married! But being engaged is just absolutely amazing. You’re in this romantic, ahhhhh, breathless moment that I’m just trying to extend as long as possible,” she explained.

Image: INFDaily



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