'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Season 7 Recap: Mothers & Daughters

By Diana Cooper,
Kardashians visit their grandmother, Bruce visits a sleeping disorder clinic & Kourtney learns about water birth

In the beginning of this week’s episode, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are at a photo shoot and Kourtney brings up the topic of their grandmother, who they call “MJ” for “Mary Joe.” “My grandmother survived breast cancer and colon cancer,” Kourtney says. “Lately she’s been getting sicker and sicker as a result of her treatments years ago.”

Meanwhile at the Jenner house, Kris is in the kitchen putting an ice pack on her face because Bruce smacked her in the middle of the night. But, he did it without knowing. “This is exactly why Bruce is downstairs on the couch and I’m on the bed,” Kris says. When Bruce comes in the kitchen, Kris tells him, “You beat the sh*t out of me.”

When Bruce’s son, Brandon, comes over to talk to Bruce, he learns about Bruce’s sleeping situation. “Back in the old days when I was training, I’d dream about throwing the discus and then all the sudden I’d wake myself up at night,” he shares.

Brandon suggests his father visit a sleeping disorder center to find out what’s wrong. After making amends with each other in Malibu, Bruce refuses to let him and Kris’ relationship go downhill again. “I don’t want to be waking her up at night to be screwing stuff up,” he says.

While Bruce is focused on curing his night disorder, Kourtney is focusing on her pregnancy. After getting someone to make a mold of her pregnant body, she has Marta, an ayurvedic practitioner, come over to give her more herbs. Marta tells Kourtney about water birth, causing her to seek more information.

Next Kourtney sets up an appointment for the South Coast Midwifery to come over to discuss water birth with her and Scott. Kourtney finds out that water births relieve pain, but not by getting an epidural. Scott, who was “freaking out” at first, concluded that “it does make sense.” Kourtney says, “After meeting with these women, I’m definitely more excited about the idea of a home birth and the fact that Scott is so excited about it, it’s just shocking.”

Kourtney then visits Khloe at her house to discuss a visit to MJ. Khloe wonders why her mom makes excuses to visit MJ. “I don’t know why my mom tries to push MJ away,” Khloe says. “Not to say MJ is dying, but when my dad was dying it was really hard visually to see.”

When Kris finally decides to join Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and Mason to see her mom, she reveals, “It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to San Diego to visit my mom…I tend to push people away that I love the most when I feel there’s nothing I can do about a situation and it’s a little painful.”

After a two hour ride, they arrive in San Diego. MJ is just as thin as Kris imagined she would be, but still looks healthy. The girls show Mason pictures on the wall and tell him stories about living there. “Seeing Mason running around my mom’s house reminded me of many years ago,” Kris says. “Watching my mom today walk through the house and just talk about old times makes me realize how fast it goes by and I really am truly happy that we came down here.”

The Kardashian clan stays at a hotel, which is when Rob arrives. When they go to dinner, Kris breaks down in tears after Khloe brings up how she pushes MJ away. “You don’t understand that I don’t know how to live without my mom,” Kris says.

While the girls are in San Diego, Bruce is at a sleep clinic with Brandon. As the specialist puts about 20 electrodes on his body, Bruce says, “This is ridiculous. Honestly I have no idea with things stick up my nose, stuff around my mouth and wires everywhere, how I’m supposed to get a good night’s sleep.”

On their last day in San Diego, the girls and MJ visit the San Diego Zoo, where Kris used to have birthday parties. Kris tears up again and as they are about to leave, she tells her mom that she is going to make an effort to see her as much as possible.

When they arrive back in L.A., Bruce tells Kris what he just went through. He said he could do more tests, but is either going to wait or not do it at all. Kris, who had no idea that Bruce even went to the clinic, says, “At least someone else saw what I have to live with.”

Back to Kourtney’s situation, Khloe is still upset that she wants to do a water birth. “You go into the f*cking hospital, you get a shot in the back, you feel numb from the waist down and you pop that sucker out. That’s what you do. I don’t understand the change of plan,” she says.

The next thing you know Kourtney drags Khloe to the house of a lady who is about to have a water birth. “No one else wanted to go with Kourtney…Personally, I don’t want to witness this,” Khloe says. “I’m very uncomfortable with the fact that this is a complete stranger.”

In the beginning of labor Kourtney describes it as, “The woman is happy. She’s bouncing on a bouncy ball, watching TV, eating potato chips. It seems like a great idea.”

Then, the woman moves to the blow-up bath tub and begins “sexual moaning.” "I don’t know what the hell to do. I just start cleaning,” Khloe shares. When the woman starts screaming, Kourtney says, “Those screams of pain are terrifying…torturous screams that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Khloe, sitting on the opposite side of the room feels the same way. “I’ve never heard anything like this. I’ve never seen anything like this,” she says. “This is not normal. I don’t know if I could see Kourtney in this kind of pain.”

After the baby comes out, Kourtney says, “It’s probably not the best idea to go witness someone else giving birth while so heavily pregnant, but once the baby’s there I think you forget about the pain. It’s such a rewarding feeling.”

At the end of the episode, Kourtney concludes that she will not have a water birth. “After witnessing this amazing water birth, I have decided it’s not for me,” she reveals. “I just know how peaceful my birth experience was that I don’t want to change it for the world.”

In next week’s episode, Kourtney buys a goldfish for Mason and Kris plans her funeral. Stay tuned!



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