Lawyer in Justin Bieber-paparazzi case fighting against California law

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Justin Bieber’s lawsuit against the paparazzi is moving forward in full force, and the paparazzo is attempting to challenge the Biebs in court.

The “Boyfriend” singer filed a complaint against the paparazzo who chased him down the 101 freeway in July. Bieber was weaving in and out of traffic attempting to flee the photogs and was pulled over and cited by police. The 18-year-old contested that he was being harassed and the lawsuit went into action.

Now, The Associated Press reports that the paparazzo guilty of recklessly pursuing Bieber will challenge the law stating that it is his constitutional right to photograph the star.

Paul Raef, the alleged photographer, has his lawyer, David S. Kestenbaum, fighting the California law passed in 2010, which penalizes those who drive recklessly for the purpose of obtaining photographs for commercial use, saying it’s a violation of his first amendment right.

According to the report, Raef is the first person who has been charged under the new law. The motion which Kestenbaum filed states, “First and foremost, the statute unconstitutionally singles out the press for a special penalty.” The judge will hear the motion in court on September 24.

Raef was charged on four misdemeanor counts for recklessly pursuing Bieber down the 101 freeway; he has not entered a plea as of yet.



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