Les Gold of ‘Hardcore Pawn’ talks about his 35 years in the business (Video)

Viewers of Hardcore Pawn, the hit show on TruTV, know that anything imaginable can walk into a store. That’s been store owner Les Gold’s life for the past 35 years. He grew up in the business and has passed on that tradition to his children, who work with him and are featured in the show.

In a short interview with AOL, Gold spoke about his experiences at the store and how he got into the business.

“I’ve been a pawnbroker ever since I was a child,” Gold says. “I made my first sale when I was seven-years-old...at that point I was hooked.”

He said that when he first worked for his grandfather’s pawn shop, he never imagined that his children would end up working with him. He particularly points out Seth, who never wanted to do it, but once he started, he was “hooked, too.”

The show also features Gold’s daughter, Ashley Broad, and his wife, Lili. Rich and Brian, who have both worked at the store for 20 years, are also frequently seen in the series.

Gold also talks about some of the most unexpected items he has seen (including a monkey) and how the profile of someone pawning their belongings has changed since the economy tanked. “We used to be the poor man’s bank...Now we’re the working man’s bank.”

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesdays at 9pm.



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