London Olympics: McKayla Maroney is impressed with ‘McKayla Is Not Impressed’

By Daniel S Levine,

After American gymnast McKayla Maroney failed to win the gold in the vaulting event, she gave one of the most unique reactions when she received her silver medal. She did not look impressed at all and the Internet noticed.

On Tuesday, Tumblr blogger Gavin Alaoen, a digital designer based in New York, created a meme that is already everywhere thanks to his new Tumble, “McKayla is not impressed.”

Alaoen shows us that Maroney is not impressed with Mad Men’s Peggy’s talents with advertising or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship. She could care less about the new Mac features or that she’s being held by King Kong.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Tumblr has over 1,200 followers, but even Alaoen is skeptical about how long the meme will be popular.

“It's just a two-or-three-week kind of thing,” he said. “It's a hot topic right now. And then it's onto the next one.”

The one person who is impressed is Maroney herself. Gawker reports that she tweeted, “This tumblr is kinda funny...Made me laugh.” She also retweeted a link to the site.

On Today, Maroney explained her expressions, saying that she wasn’t disappointed with the silver, just with how she performed. “I was just disappointed with myself, not the silver medal,” she said.

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image: Tumblr



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