Mila Kunis joins the ‘Third Person’ cast

By Chelsea Hirsch,

Mila Kunis will be joining the cast of Paul Haggis’ drama film Third Person.

Starting in October, the film will shoot in Rome, New York and Paris on a $28 million budget.

According to Variety, Haggis is already in Rome working on pre-production.

He told Variety that the film focuses on three love stories that intertwine, saying, “The three stories look at the beginning, middle and end of a relationship. The couple in Italy represents the beginning, Paris the middle and New York the end.”

Kunis will be joining Liam Neeson, who will play a journalist, and Olivia Wilde, who will play a New York Gossip columnist.

Haggis also told Variety that, “these are complex characters in a challenging story. I'm thrilled we are attracting such an amazing cast."

James Franco and Casey Affleck are in talks to join the cast. Affleck is in negotiations to play one-half of the Italian couple, and Franco may play Kunis’ other half.

Kunis and Franco previously worked together in Oz: The Great and Powerful and in a parody of The Hills.

Image Courtesy of INFDaily



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