NFL fan falls to his death during game

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

A man fell to his death during a football game in Houston Thursday evening.

Jonathan Kelly, 25, was seen sliding down the outside rail of an escalator during the Houston Texans’ game against the Minnesota Vikings at Reliant Stadium around 8 p.m., reported Yahoo News.

He then fell three stories onto the pavement below during the third quarter of the game.

Kelly died shortly after he was taken to a hospital. Alcohol may have been a factor in his death.

"My daughter is devastated," witness Randall Wisdom said. "She's never experienced something like that."

He and his 18-year-old were on the escalator below when Kelly fell.

This is the fourth time in four years that a fan had died trying to slide down a railing.

"There were a number of cases where a fan fell because of his own actions," said Alana Penza of Institute for Study of Sports Incidents. "You have to try to find a way to stop people from sliding down the railings."

Mark Miller, the manager of SMG-Reliant Park, said that fan safety at each escalator landing is monitored.

"We make sure they're not overloaded and we try to operate them in the safest possible manner," he said in an Associated Press report.



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