Royal Watch: Harry's Wild Night in Vegas

By Diana Pearl,
Prince Harry proves once again, that what happens in Vegas most definitely does not stay in Vegas

The age-old cliché is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, despite the fact that time and time again this phrase has proven to lack credibility, it doesn’t stop Vegas visitors from acting out and getting wild, only to question their actions come morning. This ‘unwritten rule’ of safety from consequences most definitely does not apply to one recent Vegas partygoer: Prince Harry, who is seeing just how far his actions in Vegas can follow him.

Coming off of repeated reports that Prince Harry was ready to find a wife and settle down, following in the footsteps of his big brother, after a night out at the Wynn in Vegas, TMZ leaked nude photos of the third in line to the throne himself. If you haven’t taken a peek yet (then you have some Olympic strength), the shots are a grainy, blurred cell phone quality of the young royal completely nude, save a brown necklace, full front and back as well. Granted, he’s covering the goods in the full frontal photo, but a nude photo is still a nude photo.

As expected, the photos have caused quite the stir in the press. And I have made some conclusions. Yes, Harry was dumb to strip naked in front of people that he didn’t 100% trust not to take photos and sell to the press – doesn’t he have a protection officer around to drop a hint that this might not be the best idea? Clearly, Harry made a big mistake. That is no question. The real question is – was this incident just boys being boys, or has Harry outgrown his party hard ways?

Harry has always been the rebel royal – the club going, stay out all night, party guy type. While older brother William, who once frequented London nightclubs right along with him, has turned 30 and married (not in that order), and since favored a quiet, stay in type of life with his wife of just over a year, Kate Middleton. While 27-year-old Harry still has a few years until his own milestone birthday, games of strip billiards, as it appears he was playing, are a bit too juvenile a post-pool endeavor, especially for someone in the public eye as a Prince.

Harry’s immature mistakes aren’t going without punishment – it’s one thing to see pictures of someone leaving a club at 2 am, clothes intact, and another to see them stark naked next to a pool table (tackling another naked pool player, to boot). The Daily Mail reported on Friday that Charles has summoned Harry to talk about the incident, and most likely, do some serious damage control. While we might all be questioning Harry’s judgment, it’s hard to deny that the photos will most likely do little to truly hurt Harry’s public image – Harry will be Harry, and he will continue to do things to shock us. Every family needs a rebel, right?



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