Trailer for 'Trouble with the Curve' debuts (Video)

By Kevin Lewis,

The trailer for the new Clint Eastwood movie, Trouble with the Curve, recently hit the internet.

The movie stars Eastwood in his first on-screen appearance since 2008’s Gran Torino, according to MTV. The baseball flick stars the man behind Million Dollar Baby as an old school baseball scout while Justin Timberlake stars as a young rookie in the profession. Amy Adams plays Eastwood’s daughter and Timberlake’s love interest.

Surprisingly, Eastwood did not direct Trouble with the Curve as he has done with his other movies, including Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, The Unforgiven, and Bridges of Madison County. He also directed Gran Torino in which he also played a gruff, old-school veteran, a role very similar to the one in Trouble with the Curve.

The movie will hit theaters on September 21 which is around the same time that the baseball movie, Moneyball, was released last year, according to the Washington Post.



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