'True Blood' Season 5 Episode 11: 'Sunset' Recap

By Louie Aronowitz,
Everything is leading to the Vampocalypse

This is it. We’re almost at the end. Everything this season has been building towards has finally come to fruition, leading to next week’s Vampocalypse.


Last we left Alcide, he was at his father’s trailor-house, drinking beers, and being angry. When we catch up with him, he’s shirtless (obviously), flexing the entire scene (obviously), and angry at his father. When a pack of vampires start attacking the neighbors, Alcide takes it upon himself to save the day. When he is just about to get eaten by some Fangers, his pops shows up, in the nick of time, with a change of heart, and does the “right” thing… with a crossbow! Looks like Alcide and father may end up vampire hunters next week.

The Authority

Somehow, almost every plot line has found it’s way to the Authority. It feels like a grand finale is on it’s way for next week.

Sam and Luna

So, the Bradjelina of shifters were cute little mice last we saw of them. Now a naked super couple running a muck in the Authority, they are of course caught and incarcerated. Luckily, they found the daughter, and Luna is to be locked up with her.

Sam is another story. Merlotte decides to offer himself as dinner to the authority, presumably to catch a moment with Chancellor Compton. It is unclear what his plan is at this point, partially because he himself probably doesn’t even know yet, but a naked Sam Merlotte is on his way to a crazy/evil Bill Compton’s room for some sort of battle royal next week.


Compton had a vision of Lilith. She told him he was the chosen one, and he should drink her blood. Unfortunately for Billy, it looks like all the other Authority vamps had the same vision. Salome definitely had the vision, and one can only assume the rest of them had the same. This should lead to an Authority implosion, and a civil war amongst Chancellors. Too bad for them, Russell can kill them all any time he wants.

The President?

Yes, the US government has gotten involved. A representative threatened to leak a video of Russell not only still alive, but attacking a group of humans. He informs the room that humans are developing special weapons to fight vampires, and they will attack during the day. This has some interesting foreshadowing implications, as Russell is on his way to Fairy-Vegas to harness the ability to day-walk.

Pam and Jessica

Jessica is forced to turn Jason into a vampire, but instead kills the security detail that was with her. She initially goes to Fangtasia for safety, but is of course captured and brought back to Bill.

Pam takes the heat for killing the new Sheriff, Elijah. She takes the fall for Tara, most likely to get to the Authority and look for Eric. It begs the question will Tara will make her way to the Authority as well to try and save her.

Once at the Authority, Pam sees Sam Merlotte, and they mutually wonder why eachother are there. This could be incidental, or is it foreshadowing to an unlikely alliance at the big finish next week?

On a side note, Pam also mentioned a conveniently introduced term, “vampire nest.” Apparently, when vamps live together and feed on eachother, they go crazy. When feeding on Lilith’s blood, they go extra crazy because it’s like LSD; and this is exactly what is happening at the Authority.

Eric and Nora

Last week, Eric and Nora saw a vision of Lilith slaughtering Godric. This week, Nora changed her ways. Oh wait, first she had a little lesbian moment, because it’s True Blood, the show is on HBO, so why not have a couple of women make out? Then she asked Eric how they were going to escape, and what they were going to do, whilst copulating (obviously).

Where we left them, Eric and Nora had just escaped the Authority, shared a glance, then jumped straight into the air. Either they are going to hide until the vampocalypse is over, or Eric is going to save the world.

Russell and the fairies

And, at last, we get to the fairies. Russell is on the hunt for some fairy blood, and it looks like he just found the motherload. First he drained the oldest fairy around, with the spiciest blood. She was supposed to be the turbo-charged fairy that could save them all, but arrogantly underestimated Russell’s power. He easily overpowered her.

After drinking all that fairy blood, Russell gained the ability to see the fairy hideout. Where we left things, he was walking towards Fairy-Vegas, ready to feed.

High points

For me, I like that Nora came around, and is now teaming up with Eric. I also like that Alcide and his father are going to hunt the vampires. Truly, the high point of the episode is getting everyone to the Authority together for one final showdown. It’s going to be like when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, so Leia and Chewie got captured, so when Luke arrived everyone would be on Jabba’s sand barge together, ready to save Han.


I foresee Alcide’s story linking with Russell and Sookie next week. As long as he is out hunting vampires, he will probably smell Sookie is in danger, and come help the fairies. More importantly however, I foresee this Warlow character showing up to save Sookie. I think he is going to stop Russell, give him one of those, “She’s mine! HANDS OFF!” type things, and snag her for himself. This will leave Sookie on a cliffhanger for next season, and let Russell take the other fairies hostage to experiment on, or whatever it is he wants to do with them. On the other hand, maybe Jason will wake up, and with his likely broken back and neck, will help out as well.

Back at the Authority, I foresee Sam and Pam teaming up. I think Tara will try to show up and help out. Jessica will also join them. There will be a mini alliance of highly billed cast members verse Bill. I also think there will be infighting amongst the Chancellors, when everyone tries to drink Lilith’s blood at the same time. This will allow the anti-Authority peeps an opportunity to attack.

Eric and Nora, I have no ideas. They may just look out for each other, or they may go save everyone, their plot can go anywhere at this point.

What do you think will happen next week? Next week is the finale, and it is shaping up to be a big one. Leave me your predictions, as well as your favorite or least favorite parts of the episode in the comments section below!



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