This Week In Facebook - Facebook helps user battle amnesia

By Meghan Giannotta,

Have you checked out Facebook’s stories page? The social network has many of its own pages, but the Facebook Stories page is one you should not over look.

The Stories page shares videos, images and more that explain to the world an extraordinary story of some of the many Facebook users.

On the Stories page, Facebook shares links to interesting stories about people’s lives from news organizations. It also posts topic starters and encourages other users to tell their stories right there in comment.

This week Facebook posted a story about a man named Mayank Sharma who suffered from tubercular meningitis. While suffering, Sharma lost the majority of his memory and could not recognize his family and friends.

When Facebook heard about Sharma’s story and road to recovery, they spoke with him while creating a short documentary of his road to recovery. Facebook attempted to help him rediscover himself and his personal history through using Facebook’s People You May Know feature. Through this feature, Sharma was able to reconnect with friends and family who he had trouble understanding how he connected with.

Facebook has helped Sharma recover a lot of his life stories, however he still does not remember actually living them.

Facebook Stories attempts to use Facebook in a way that helps people in their lives farther than simply connecting friends. It attempts to use its networking technology in a way that can change people’s lives for the better.



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