‘2 Broke Girls’ Recap: ‘And the Hidden Stash’

By May Chan,
Max and Caroline pay Martin Channing a visit in prison.

The gang is back at the diner! This time, Max, Caroline, Oleg, Han, and Earl stare at a diner breastfeeding her son. The only eye sore? The boy isn’t exactly a 3-month-old infant.

Oleg and Earl are intrigued. Han looks deprived. The girls are disgusted. But who’s going to wait on the customer?

Max braves the weirdness, drops her intended puns, and even gets the kid to chime in with an order of fries.

Later in the night, Caroline receives a call from her father, Martin Channing, who’s still in prison. When her father reminds Caroline over the phone about the estate auction, in which all her childhood items would be sold, Caroline is “not at all emotional.”

Before Caroline hangs up, her father asks Caroline to ask Max if she would like to meet him in prison. Although Max agreed right away, she declines the offer after Caroline hangs up.

“I’m not going,” Max says with a deadpanned expression.

“What? Why did you say, Yes?”

“Because you never tell a man in prison, 'No.' He can hang himself with his belt.”

Caroline gives Max a look.

“Do not give me that look. It happened to me twice already.”

As Caroline convinces Max to go with her, Max points out that her one long facial hair is back, to which Caroline walks away.

Sophie, the girls’ upstairs neighbor, enters the diner in a yellow, tight-fitting dress. Earl, being Earl, makes a flirty comment to Sophie’s liking. Again, can we expect a Sophie and Earl romance anytime soon?

Not if Oleg has any say in it. Oleg proceeds to ask Sophie out on a romantic date. Yes, you heard right. It’s not enough that these two have had 468 sexual encounters, but who’s keeping count?

However, Sophie’s idea of romance is at the Channing estate auction. It’ll make sense later, I promise.

The moment Caroline realizes that Sophie has interest in the auction, Caroline throws a tantrum. Sophie insults Caroline’s facial hair.

When Max and Caroline visit Caroline’s father in prison, Max is more than smitten by Martin Channing. And when Martin asks that Max go to the auction with Caroline and retrieve the loving cup that Caroline won in a competition with Chestnut, Max, charmed by Mr. Channing, obeys without hesitation.

Max convinces Caroline that her father’s a criminal genius because he has hidden a stash inside the loving cup.

When the girls head to the auction, they bump into Oleg and Sophie. Will Sophie and Caroline give each other the cold shoulder?

As the auction gets underway, Max and Caroline are sure that no one would want the loving cup, but a man and his teacup Chihuahua give them a run for their money.

Needless to say, the girls win, but there’s a catch: it’s not exactly what they had hoped for. Darn that Max for giving us false hope!

Tune into 2 Broke Girls at 9 p.m. on Monday nights on CBS.



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