Amanda Bynes says she’s not crazy, has car impounded

By Daniel S Levine,

Amanda Bynes’ troubled relationship with driving continues, even after the actress had her license suspended and was then ordered by a judge not to drive. Bynes is reportedly telling friends that she is not crazy and is denying reports that she was smoking marijuana behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Bynes made more trouble for herself when her car was impounded.

The Los Angeles Times had confirmed on Sept. 6 that her license was suspended, then People confirmed that a judge ordered her not to drive, following her hit-and-run and DUI charges.

However, she was seen driving last week and spotted smoking what looked like marijuana behind the wheel. TMZ even had photos of the inside of her car, which appeared to show remnants of marijuana in her cup holder.

TMZ is now reporting that Bynes is trying to prove to her close friends that she is not crazy. They tried to help her, but she turned them away because “everything’s fine.” She also says that the reports on her mental state “are being blown way out of proportion.”

Bynes is also telling friends that she was smoking tobacco, not marijuana, in the pictures TMZ published.

People confirmed that Bynes’ car was impounded Sunday. “I can confirm that Amanda Bynes was cited at approximately 8:20 a.m. Sunday for driving with a suspended license,” Victor Gill of the Burbank Airport Police told the site.

Gill added that she was cited for a misdemeanor and not arrested. “I believe she was by herself. This occurred on Hollywood Way, just south of the main entrance to the Bob Hope Airport,” he said, not providing any additional information.



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