'America's Next Top Model: College Edition' - The Girl Who Does What Tyler Perry Says

By Michael Pascua,
Not only do the model-hopefuls have to make fools of themselves to pedestrians, they have to channel their inner zombie.

(Season 19 Episode 4) The girls return to the house with Victoria happy to see her top photo. She then thanked her mother and decided that none of the girls would be her in the Tyra Suite, annoying all the other girls. Yvonne was more nervous about eliminations than Victoria drama. The girls then realized that the social media comeback competition is a big twist. Kristin was afraid that the judges didn't like her. Out of nowhere Kristin went into Destiny's purse to get a lighter; she flipped as if Kristin was entitled. The two fought with a lot of hand clapping and finger pointing. Destiny didn't fight, claiming she had a sensitive soul.

Tyra met with the girls and tried to explain how modeling was like acting. The challenge was to be the best actresses they could. She brought Tyler Perry, aka Madea, and explained that it would be a fun challenge. The girls got flags that represented Tourist, Rapper, Street Performer, and Hollywood Diva. Tyra emphasized overdoing the acting. This week's prize was a walk-on role on a Tyler Perry movie.

The girls got hair and costuming as Kiara realized she needed to be the diva anyway. Everyone got earpieces to get direction from Tyra and Tyler. Destiny was first as she tried to get a random guy to be her Usher. Victoria created "Reshada Bourgeois" and Kiara didn't know what part of her character was a "diva." She immediately tried to give a man chicken to disastrous results. Her reactions to Tyra and Tyler were amazing.

Kiara wasn't an actress, but she channeled her inner diva with both Tyra and Tyler laughing. Similarly Kristin was funny. Leila struggled with her acting. Laura was laughing as she had her hula-hoop. Yvonne committed into being a rapper.

Tyra and Tyler talked to the girls about their results. They were positive about Kiara, Victoria, and Yvonne; the winner was Kiara.

Challenge Score
1) Kiara - 10
2) Yvonne - 9
3) Allyssa - 8
4) Kristin - 8
5) Laura - 8
6) Victoria - 8
7) Brittany - 7
8) Destiny - 6
9) Leila - 6
10) Nastasia - 5

Destiny was worried about being in the bottom and had to keep her head in the game. Yvonne talked to her boyfriend looking for encouragement; she was insecure about her butt.

The girls went to Universal Studios at the set of War of the Worlds as Johnny introduced their photographer Ricky Middlesworth. They were looking for model-zombie shoots. The girls went through hair and makeup. Victoria realized how morbid the girls looked at the beginning and started off first. Johnny thought she lacked diversity. Nastasia was called out for posing and she photographs short. Laura did better as she listened to instructions. Allyssa needed intensity about her eyes. Bryanboy gave the girls advice as Kristin walked in as a diva. In her photos, she looked plain as Johnny wanted her to growl; she didn't. She was upset at the end for still being too pretty.

Destiny had a moment where she couldn't breathe for how tight her clothes were. Brittany had to channel her zombie-housewife as the photographers loved her. Kiara was worried about social media and was called out for looking like a music video dancer. Yvonne was instructed to pop her booty. She had too many poses but didn't have body. Leila had great shapes as she shot. Destiny finally shot as she got on the ground and got really confused by the directions.

The girls tried to read their elimination mail as Kristin flipped on Victoria. The girls were worried as they discussed Destiny and Kristin's struggles.

Tyra welcomed the girls to judging and re-introduced Kelly, Rob, and Bryanboy. After explaining the prizes, Tyra explained the scoring yet again.

Leila - Kelly liked the body, Rob loved the power, and Tyra found the photo stunning. Score: (7,9,9)

Kiara - Rob thought it was too music video, Kiara blamed the clothes. Score: (6,6,6)

Brittany - There was a great accessory in the shoot; Kelly loved the pose. Tyra warned her to show her bad side. Score: (8,8,9)

Victoria - Kelly thought she looked too angelic. Tyra and Rob thought she lacked spirit in her eyes. Score: (6,6,6)

Destiny - Rob thought she looked like she was dying, when she was already supposed to be dead. Tyra thought her eyes looked too sleepy. Score: (5,5,6)

Laura - Rob liked the dress usage. Tyra criticized her for not having a neck. Score: (9,9,9)

Kristin - The dress was being hidden. Kelly thought it was her weakest photo. Tyra tried to explain "Ugly Pretty" to her. Score: (4,7,6)

Allyssa - Rob didn't get a zombie concept. Tyra agreed. Score: (7,8,7)

Nastasia - Tyra loved the intensity in her micro-movements. Rob still thought she was short. Score: (6,9,7)

Yvonne - Kelly thought she looked like a stripper. Tyra thought that she needed to merge her acting and modeling. Score: (5,6,5)

Tyra did the math and announced the top photo: Laura. The bottom two were Yvonne and Destiny. Tyra explained that Yvonne was stunning, she needed to represent that. Destiny has a lot needed to improve. Yvonne survived another week. Tyra reminded her that she's Bambi. Bambi was a boy.

1) Laura - 42.5
2) Leila - 37.3
3) Brittany - 37.7
4) Allyssa - 35.5
5) Kiara - 32.7
6) Nastasia - 32.4
7) Victoria - 31.2
8) Kristin - 30.9
9) Yvonne - 29.5
10) Destiny - 27 (Eliminated)

Comeback Series: Dareian and Jessie participated in their zombie shoot as they tried hard to come back as Jessie's shot looked more like a zombie. Destiny joined the other two girls as Dareian had open arms.

Next week: Cheerleaders, a fashion show, and Alicia Keys.



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