'America's Next Top Model: College Edition' Recap - The Girl Who Sings for Alicia Keys

By Michael Pascua,
The girls do a chairty runway challenge for Alicia Keys and channel their inner cheerleaders.

(Season 19 Episode 5) The girls returned home to Laura's top zombie photo; she celebrated being in the Tyra suite. The girls had time in the kitchen as Leila felt really insecure about hanging out with friends. Laura decided to pick Kristin to be her companion in the Tyra Suite because felt like Leila was becoming obsessive stalker #1. Leila assumed that since she picked Laura a few weeks ago that Laura would return the favor. During dinner Laura announced that Kristin was in the Suite. Leila rolled her eyes and it seemed like it was so obvious that everyone saw her eyes roll because Laura and the other girls called her out on it. Is Leila obsessed or is editing just fun?

In the morning Tyra and famous musician Alicia Keys wandered in. At this point, right when she woke up Laura was completely in tears. Kiara ended up singing to Alicia Keys about wanting to win. I hope these girls all had their morning showers, imagine the stank on these girls as they hugged a famous musician. Alicia gave a quick runway walk as she explained that the girls would be doing a charity fashion show for her personal cause Keep a Child Alive. The girls would have to perform that night. It's a shame because in normal seasons, Miss J would have taught the girls how to walk the day before. Instead Tyra had to give the girls a quick teach using Alicia's music titles like "Superwoman." If they did "Fallin'" I would have been in tears laughing. Leila was called out for not having any natural swing in her arms. Brittany, with her house mom bob, explained that she wanted to win as she scurried across the rainbow runway that was really too short to teach about full length walking. The girls would have better luck practicing down their hallways. For the show, the girls were in control of hair and makeup and as the winner of last week Laura had to task each of the girls.

On the bus, the girls decided to solidify their ideas of what their hair should be. Of course with nine strong personalities, there was no unified answer. Each girl decided to play up their own personal strengths. At the venue Kelly and Johnny met with the girls. Immediately Kelly asked really obvious questions about cohesion and looking good for the client kicked in. You think these girls have seen at least one episode of 'Project Runway' there have been several girls that have been on ANTM either during Fashion Week or part of the show (Season 6's Leslie on Project Runway All-Stars comes to mind). Johnny helped the girls get accessories and without his styling I feared that the challenge would have actually turned into a train wreck. Mara Hoffman, designer, explained that she wanted her girls to have strength, not overt sexuality. This is why designers have casting calls and not just dropping random girls into a runway show. Somewhere, Laura became the leader and barked out a few generic instructions that made her sound like an assistant to the real designer instead of a leader. With two minutes to go, Kelly reminded the girls not to embarrass her and her client. It's not like this charity walk is live; it also was probably a max of half an hour. There are a lot more press-worthy stories than "Amateur models botch Mara Hoffman/Alicia Keys runway show."

Tyra and Alicia opened the show and gabbed on about how good it is to buy auctioned off clothes. Kristin was first and she looked quite natural as a walker. It's a shame her attitude isn't as lovely as her walk. Victoria had a weird waddle that I can't put my finger on. Allyssa grinned like a little girl in a pageant show. Brittany tried to be sassy, but even with curls; her hair looks so odd for her lemon face. As Leila walked, the only thing she could hear was Tyra screaming for her to swing her arms. After the runway challenge was over Tyra announced the top three girls: Victoria, Laura, and Kiara. After a long commercial break, Kiara managed to win in a "landslide" vote. Singing for Alicia Keys may just be her lucky charm. She picked Nastasia as a friend for the Alicia Keys prize.

The girls got their challenge scores as runway-perky Allyssa had only 5 points, Leila had 6 which she knew would bring her even lower. In the Tyra Suite Kristin and Laura talked about how obsessive Leila was and our favorite reality TV quote popped up, "I'm not here to make friends." Kiara and Leila discussed how Laura was now describing Leila as obsessed. Leila and Laura then decided to confront the issue. Magically every girl showed up in the room and watched. Even Victoria who seemed more interested in stretching than participating. Laura immediately started crying, bringing herself back to a moment of high school weakness.

The girls arrived at West LA College with Johnny and Jonte greeted the girls. Their photographer was Sarah Silver, though I don't recall seeing her at the camera. The challenge would be about being a Top Model Cheerleader. Jonte explained that the girls would be tossed in the air. Kristin cheered for six years so she knew the jumping part. Rob arrived to watch and make sure the girls were doing the right thing. Kiara was first and began awkwardly. There were a few awkward jumps, so they also made a few standing pyramid shots as a backup. Yvonne managed to get tossed in the air without too much issue for her normal size. Allyssa was worried because she was in the bottom. As Allyssa landed, she slammed one of the men in the head. Full fist to noggin action.

Laura talked to Johnny and she was in tears because of her fear of heights. In her first few shots, Laura showed fear in her eyes. She then started making a broken doll pose that worked for her. Kristin was obviously natural because of her cheer background. Leila's initial shots were bad as she started making duck lips and showing confusion in her eyes. Victoria tried her best as she pointed her legs. Nastasia had the highest jumps and I give her credit for attempting some split kicks. As the sun started to come down, Brittany had to deal with her body not matching her face. She had no good shot the whole time as her evil no-neck monster reared its head.

Back at the apartment all the girls were worried about how their performance went. Laura thought Leila didn't deserve to win because of her lack of walking skills. Tyra then welcomed the model-hopefuls to the judging panel with Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evans, and Bryanboy. The judging scores are shown as: (Kelly, Tyra, Rob)

Victoria - Kelly thought she looked like an old man lying on the bed. Tyra liked how it wasn't a cheerleader. Score: (6,8,8)

Leila - She had control, but looked like a one dimensional model. Kelly thought she looked like she was bitten by a mosquito Score: (4,6,7)

Kiara - Tyra loved the skin of the face. Rob disliked the fact that they couldn't use a jumping photo. Score: (8,8,7)

Kristin - Rob loved the photo. Kelly loved how glamorous the photo was. Tyra saw a cheerleader, but not a model. Score: (9,6,10)

Brittany - Kelly disliked the proportions, she wasn't edgy enough. Rob thought that she was growing better. Tyra reminded her to be a sexy Disney girl. Score: (6,6,6)

Nastasia - Rob loved how crazy the photo was. Kelly loved the energy of the body, even though the face may have too much energy. Score: (9,8,10)

Yvonne - Rob appreciated the point of her feet. Kelly loved the skin. Score: (7,9,9)

Allyssa - Tyra thought that she looked relaxed in her face. Rob thought that she looked shorter than she actually was. Score: (6,8,6)

Laura - Rob compared it to a girl who tossed her Barbie. Tyra thought it was fierce. Score: (9,9,6)

Tyra added in the social media scores and the top girl was Nastasia. The bottom two were Brittany and Leila. Leila had an edgy face, but she lacked any energy. They wondered if she was only a photo model. The way that this episode went together, it was obvious that Leila was the next to be eliminated, but Tyra reminded her to fight her way back with high social media scores.

1) Nastasia - 40.9
2) Laura - 38.7
3) Kristin - 38.1
4) Kiara - 37.3
5) Victoria - 36.5
6) Yvonne - 36.4
7) Allyssa - 30.8
8) Brittany - 29.5
9) Leila - 29 Eliminated

Comeback Series: The comeback girls were tossed in the air as each of them felt more confident about the shoot. Destiny had no confidence in her shots. Interestingly, all their shots ended up being evening/night shots because they were all taken after the other girls already left. When Leila arrived, the other girls were floored. To make it worse, I think the other three knew their chances just got slimmer on getting back into the competition.

Next Week: The girls had to become a real video game. Yvonne turns on Bryanboy. I don’t blame her.



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