'America's Next Top Model: College Edition' Recap - The Girl Who Wants Out

By Michael Pascua,
The models get makeovers while one refuses to do a nude photoshoot.

(Season 19 Episode 3) The girls returned to their house and stared at Leila's number one photo; she headed to the Tyra Suite and brought Laura with her. Laura was happy, but apprehensive about giving advice. Darian was jealous about her win.

The girls received a Tyra mail that hinted about makeovers. Immediately, Victoria was worried about getting a short cut. Maria thought she was really geeky as a child so getting a haircut wouldn't sound good. Destiny was upset with how little Maria cared for the competition.

The next day the girls met Kelly and Johnny at Christophe and they introduced Christophe. Kelly explained a twist: the girls don't have to accept getting a makeover. This is a first in Top Model history, but it probably would show poorly to any girl who didn't accept Tyra's rules and regulations. The girls had to decide before knowing their cuts.

Yes - Darian, Yvonne, Leila, Nastasia, Kristin, Brittany, Kiara, Destiny, Laura, Allyssa
No - Maria, Victoria

The girls unveiled their makeovers as Maria and Victoria stood around and waited. Tyra arrived and talked to Darian explaining that social media hated her braids. Tyra then talked to Victoria and Maria. She questioned the dedication to the two and allowed them to read what the girls would have gotten. Neither transformation was extremely bad, depending on the levels of red Victoria would have. Victoria immediately broke down in tears.

Kristin had bangs and loved her edge, Nastasia accepted her lion mane hair, and Kiara’s eyebrows were also shaped. Destiny worried about looking feminine and with short hair and worried about looking like a lesbian. Kelly talked to Maria and emphasized that no agency would accept a model that would be adverse to change. She called Maria mediocre and walked away.

Brittany was nervous as her hair was lightened and shortened. A lot of the hairstyles weren't as extreme, Yvonne not showing any difference. P'Trique popped up and gave the girls new mail about their "body of work." Immediately the girls assumed a nude photoshoot.

The girls went home and Maria distanced herself from the other models. Several were having fun in the kitchen as Kiara wanted Darian to be quiet until midnight. Immediately the two had a conflict with loud volumes and hand waves. If they had hand clapping, it would have been perfect. It confused Victoria hearing the phrase "real ass bitch."

Johnny welcomed the girls to their next photoshoot with their photographer Tony Duran. Tony explained the nude shoot with Rob Evans. The girls went through hair and makeup as Maria smack talked Kelly Cutrone in front of Destiny and Allyssa. Bryanboy wandered around giving the girls some social media advice.

Brittany was first and she had to make sure that her boobs were covered correctly. Tony clicked quickly and moved on to different positions quickly. Yvonne worried about her body shapes. Laura had an amazing shoot. Nastasia was awkward in her first shoot, but she had to leap in his arms. Allyssa had great intensity. Darian was criticized for looking too romantic; she then had tension in her chin. Kiara had a really awkward pose which didn't help her photos. Johnny talked to Maria and she explained that she didn't want to do the photoshoot. She claimed that she wasn't dedicated enough for the show. She just wanted to go home.

Johnny announced to the girls that Maria quit but no one was that saddened. Kristin had trouble melting into Rob's arms. Destiny worried about being too hard in her shoot. Victoria thought that keeping a curly hair was a compromise. She compensated for having a strong photo.

The girls received their elimination mail and Darian was worried about being sent home soon. Destiny was saddened about her boy hair. Victoria was worried about going home so she decided to call her mom and was in tears.

Tyra welcomed the girls and judges. Since there were makeovers, there was no challenge score. Scoring this week consisted of Judges + Fan Scores.

Laura - The judges loved the makeover and Rob called it a Greek Goddess. Kelly thought the hands were too tense. Score: 26 (8,8,10)

Darian - Kelly hated the photo. Rob thought she was pouting too much. Tyra noted she didn’t need to push to have a good photo. Score: 16 (5,7,4)

Kiara - Kelly was confused and disliked the photo. Seemed like social media was mixed as well. Score: 20 (4,9,7)

Victoria - She apologized for the photo and Tyra forgave her. Kelly loved the shoot. Tyra was impressed. Score: 28 (9,10,9)

Brittany - Rob loved the body and face. Kelly thought it was on point. Score: 29 (10,10,9)

Destiny - Tyra didn't like the hair at all and wanted to make sure that if she survived, she'd get her hair fixed. Tyra thought she was playing it too safe. Score: 20 (7,6,7)

Kristin - Rob expected the photo to be bad, but it turned out better. Tyra thought the film in general was weak. Score 21 (7,8,6)

Leila - Rob was impressed, social media thought it was high fashion. Kelly thought it was too teen. Score: 26 (7,9,10)

Yvonne - Kelly didn't think the proportions worked. Tyra thought the booty was her branding point. Score: 16 (4,6,6)

Nastasia - Kelly loved the body and hair in the shoot. Rob knew that hair was her differentiating factor. Tyra thought she looked a little too short. Score: 22 (7,6,9)

Allyssa - The proportions, curve, and face was great. Tyra loved the shoot. Score: 27 (8,10,9)

Tyra announced the winner this week was Victoria. The bottom two were Darian and Yvonne. Yvonne was warned that the public didn't like her photo. Darian was called too pushy. Tyra told Darian about her second chance.

Model Callout
1) Victoria - 34.2
2) Brittany - 33.9
3) Allyssa - 32.9
4) Leila - 32.2
5) Laura - 32.0
6) Nastasia - 28.1
7) Kristin - 27.9
8) Destiny - 25.1
9) Kiara - 24.1
10) Yvonne - 20.81
11) Darian - 20.78

Next Week: Tyler Perry, acting, and finger waving.



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