Aubrey Plaza talks about her self-consciousness, ‘Parks and Rec’ and crying 10 year olds

By Luis Vargas,
She never wants 'Parks and Rec' to stop airing

Deadpan comedian Aubrey Plaza recently returned back to the set of Parks and Recreation, however, she still found time in between shooting to sit down for an interview. Plaza opened up about how she deals with late night talk shows, the joy of filming the show and dealing with her newfound celebrity.

Writer Willa Paskin of Salon addressed the eccentricity that comes off Aubrey Plaza in her interviews and Plaza responded, “When I’m in interview situations, on camera, I’m just so terrified and so insecure and I try to build a wall around myself to protect myself. It’s more of a coping mechanism than anything, but I do find it more fun to mess with people than to just tell people about what I did over the summer. Why should anyone care, anyway?”

Many people dream of loving their job as much as Plaza. She explains that if possible, she along with Amy Poehler would like the show to go on for 15 years. “I love being on Parks, and I hope Parks lasts forever. We were joking yesterday at this Google Talk thing, and someone made a joke about the show being on for 15 more years and Amy was like, “I hope to God that we’re on for 15 years.” And we all feel that way. I never want it to end.”

Parks and Recreation Cast on Google Talk:

When asked about April and Andy’s sex life, Aubrey made it very clear that the couple are extremely attracted to each other. “We have discussed that and we try to make that obvious on the show, that they’re very physically attracted to each other. And they have a weird kind of sexual thing going.”

You can catch a glimpse of just how much the couple lusts after each other in this preview of Season 5, where April and Ben reunite with their loved ones Andy and Leslie via NBC.

At the end of the interview Plaza discussed how being a celebrity has changed her life. She described an instance where a 10-year-old girl recognized her at the airport and started crying, leaving the comedian baffled.

“I thought she was scared of me or thought I was going to be mean to her, and I was like, ‘I’m really nice. Everything’s OK. I’m nice.’ I was like, ‘Here, take my hat’ and was giving her things out of my purse because I didn’t know what to do because I’m not used to that happening. It was a moment where I was like, ‘Oh, little girls know who I am.’ But she was definitely afraid of me. I think sometimes people think that I’m going to not be nice or something.”

You can catch Plaza on the Parks and Recreation Season 5 premiere on Thursday at 9:30 eastern time on NBC.



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