Ben Affleck Regrets 'Daredevil'

By Jon Hall,
Actor reveals his displeasure with the superhero movie

Ben Affleck has gained critical acclaim since The Town, however recently the actor opened up about a movie he did not like. That movie was 2003's Marvel superhero movie, Daredevil.

According to the Huffington Post, Affleck really didn't enjoy it. His admission came while doing and interview for Details Magazine.

"I liked Sum of All Fears. Daredevil I didn't at all. Some movies should have worked and didn't. At a certain point, it's just up to the movie gods. Anyway, this image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I just said, 'I don't want to do it anymore. This is horrible.' I don't want to be in this spotlight, this glare, in this way. It's tawdry, it's ugly, it's oppressive, and it's inane. So I'm going to try to get away."

2003 was a rough year for Affleck. In addition to the despair brought on by the blind superhero, his box office flop Gigli and subsequent relationship with costar Jennifer Lopez was heavily documented. CNN, it was during this time that Affleck began going behind the camera to escape the spotlight. Now, the actor/director is about to release Argo, and the film has already gotten great reviews.

So what did Affleck have to say about 2003?

"People bring up 2003, and I get it," Affleck said. "All this sh-t just kind of blew up. But, you know, in 2003, Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois! Okay?"



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