Brooke from '16 & Pregnant' is pregnant again!

By Lauren Mangeri,

Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant has announced her second pregnancy.

Smitherman-Tarrant was one of the stars of the 16 & Pregnant 2b season on MTV which aired in March 2012. Smitherman-Tarrant was one of 12 teens who had her life documented for the world to see. She went through her pregnancy with son, Brody, who she says is very glad to become a big brother in December 2012.

According to Starcasm.net, Smitherman-Tarrant's mother wanted to clear a few things up. “Brooke and Cody were together 1 1/2 years before she got pregnant with Brody. They have been married almost 3 years.…” She went on to explain they both have jobs.

Smitherman-Tarrant is excited it’s a girl!

For anybody who does not know who she is, there are five things on Crushable.com explaining who she is. Smitherman-Tarrant’s life matched her mother and father’s. They were also high school sweethearts. Cody proposed to her once he found out she was pregnant. She had her honeymoon at a racetrack. Her son Brody’s name came from combining her name and her husband’s name. And lastly, she wanted to live in a barn, and she still does.

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