Catherine Davis, woman allegedly murdered by Johnny Lewis, is remembered as a Hollywood legend

By Daniel S Levine,

As the media begins to unearth more details about the troubled life of former Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis, some in Hollywood are remembering Catherine Davis, the woman he is suspected of murdering before he fell off a roof and died.

Davis, 81, was the landlady of a Los Feliz home known as Writer’s Villa. According to TMZ, the bed-and-breakfast home hosted several stars over the years, including The Punisher’s Thomas Jane and 30 Rock’s Chris Parnell. Other stars who stayed there include Parker Posey, comedian Paula Poundstone and White Collar’s Matt Bomer.

Deadline reports that actor and comic Taylor Negron has written a touching tribute to Davis at xojane.com. He writes that, “Johnny Lewis isn't accused of murdering an 81-year-old woman. He is accused of murdering a saint.”

Negron writes about Davis’ life, from her youth in Texas to her move to Los Angeles. He says that Davis worked to make every tenants’ life better and comfortable while they worked hard in the business.

“Her name is Catherine Davis. And she is a Hollywood legend. A near saint,” he wrote. “And a kind and loving mother to so many, including me.”

He then refers to Lewis as a “creature” and a “monster” for what he allegedly did to Davis. “The monster was allegedly on a synthetic drug and was released early from a sentence for armed robbery with a weapon,” he notes. “He called Cathy and asked if he could come home. I know what she said. ‘Your room is waiting...I will leave the front door open for you.’”

As for Lewis, it is now being reported that he may have used a drug called “smiles” before allegedly killing Davis, dismembering her cat and injuring two others on Wednesday morning.



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