Christina Aguilera tweets about new album ‘Lotus’

By Meaghan Fleming,

Singer Christina Aguilera shared information about new album Lotus today on Twitter.

Aguilera took to her Twitter to take questions from her followers. The pop star says she will be releasing the album in November 2012. This is her first album since Bionic in 2010, according to MTV.

Aguilera shared a picture of the cover art for her first single entitled “Your Body.” The single is coming out this Friday, September 14. Aguilera’s states on her Twitter:

She says, "There will be a Lotus intro to set the tone for the whole record. Conceptually I didn't target one particular sound/genre.The album represents a rebirth for me."

In a previous interview, Aguilera told Rolling Stone about working on the album saying, "I think that sometimes pop music does get stereotyped as 'We don’t have as much control or say-so over the creative works behind the producing' and whatnot. I specifically am an artist that's very involved in my own producing, creative and all of the efforts that go into putting together my album as an artist."

Aguilera also announced there will be a clip of her music video for “Your Body” on Monday, September 17 on NBC’s The Voice.

Photo Courtesy of NBCUniversal



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