Clint Eastwood addresses Republican National Convention speech criticism on Ellen (Video)

By Adeline Waugh,

Clint Eastwood was on Ellen yesterday and naturally the topic of his controversial RNC speech was brought up. Some people felt Eastwood’s speech, which included him talking to an imaginary President Obama, made a mockery of the convention; while others simply responded by writing off the 82-year-old actor and director as senile.

Eastwood explains that when he was 21 and first began to vote, he was a republican, but that in current years he feels both parties behave as ‘drunken sailors’. Eastwood explains that he is a libertarian, which means he would prefer the government simply butt out of our lives. Eastwood’s libertarian views make him pro gay marriage, as he believes it is none of the government’s business. Ellen Degeneres, being an openly gay woman, appreciated his openness on the topic.

The actor’s family has a recent reality show on E!, Eastwood and Company. Eastwood explains that everyone has the right to do a reality show but his only request to his family was to leave him out of it.

Watch the interview on Ellen below.



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