Colbie Caillat releasing Christmas album

By Meaghan Fleming,

Colbie Caillat is releasing her new Christmas album, Christmas in the Sand in October.

Caillat told Billboard she wanted to make a Christmas album for everyone, stating:

“I was like, 'Not everyone lives in the snow or cold places for Christmas, so why don't we write some songs for them to be able to relate to what their Christmas is like.’”

Caillat also spoke about her inspiration for the album.

"A lot of the songs I wrote for it are about how not every (winter) holiday I spent has been only in the snow. It's also been in the sun and at the beach and a different kind of lifestyle (that) not everyone has. I wanted to tap into that. It's fun to write a Christmas song from that perspective," she said.

The album will feature ten classic Christmas songs and five new songs. Country singer Brad Paisley joins Caillat on the song "Merry Christmas Baby,” while rocker Gavin DeGraw sings a version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Caillat.

Caillat toured with DeGraw during the 2012 summer and told the Wenatchee World:

“I have always loved Gavin’s music, so, it’s as if I’m touring with a friend. And the show is great, he comes out and joins me on a song, and I join him.”

Caillat announced the release date and album cover on her Twitter account as well:

Caillat says she’s working on new material for a new studio album. Her third album, All of You, came out in 2011.

Christmas in the Sand will be released on Oct. 23.



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