‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: Suffragette City

By Freda Eang,

Still unconscious from the repercussion of last week’s event, Annie lies in the hospital fighting for her dear life in this week; causing Auggie to take the spotlight as a result. He goes all Sherlock Holmes as he reexamines every evidence closer in order to clear Annie’s name.

Lena apparently turned in compelling evidence to Arthur proving that Annie was a double spy. Disbelief and a little a taken back with the document of evidence in front of her, Joan doesn’t know what to make out of the situation. Thankfully she finds the whole thing suspicious and aids Auggie in finding out who the real traitor is.

Auggie’s search for the person who made the fake passport for Annie leads him a specific house at night. Upon arriving there, he calls out and no one answers him. As he scavenges the house trying to find a living soul, he finds the body of a man. Joan and company shortly appear, but no body was found. Before leaving the scene, Auggie was sure he smelled a lavender fragrance in the air, which he confirms is Lena when he smelt it again at the hospital.

Arthur tells Joan that the council will pass judgment on Annie soon in order to control this situation and it seemed that things were looking for the worse for Annie. Fortunately, by the last few minutes of the episode, they discovered that Lena was up to no good. They walked in on Lena trying to suffocate Annie. Joan chases Lena as she tries to make her escape from the hospital, and ends up losing her in the midst of people. Annie wakes up at the end.

Final Thoughts: Auggie was simply amazing in this week’s episode, as he was willing to put everything on the line for this investigation. It goes to show that Annie has a special part in his heart, especially when he was at her bedside in the hospital and said, “I never needed anyone, but I need you Annie Walker.” I really hope in the course of time that the two of them can find their way to one another. In the meanwhile, it’s confirmed that the Blackbird a.k.a the mole in the DPD was Lena all along. I have no clue what her motives are exactly for implicating Annie in the whole fiasco, but there’s surely more reason as to why Jai was killed. Also, I feel terrible that Simon died in the aftermath of the situation, and I’m not sure how Annie will react after finding out; but according to the previews for next week, Annie is out for revenge. Any thoughts?

Covert Affairs currently airs every Tuesday at 10pm on USA.



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