Dennis Hopper leaves millions for his daughter

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

The late actor/director Dennis Hopper reportedly left over $2 million for his nine-year-old daughter Galen Grier.

However, TMZ reported that Galen’s mother, Hopper’s estranged wife Victoria Duffy, will inherit nothing from him.

Hopper died in May 2010 of cancer at age 74, while in the midst of his divorce from Duffy.

Galen did not attend his funeral because her mother was not invited.

The girl’s inheritance is only a fraction of what Hopper owned in California, New Mexico and North Carolina.

A house he owned in Venice, CA sold for $5 million in August.

He also owned an art collection featuring works by such legendary artists as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Julian Schnabel and Frank Gehry.

Hopper’s other children, son Henry and daughters Marin and Ruthanna, will also receive inheritances from their father, according to Yahoo.

Hopper became famous for acting, co-writing and directing Easy Rider (1969), which also brought stardom to Jack Nicholson. Hopper’s subsequent films include Hoosiers (1986), Speed (1994) and Waterworld (1995).



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