Fox, Google reach deal to add 600 titles to Google Play

By Daniel S Levine,

Rupert Murdoch may have once called Google the “piracy leader,” but News Corp’s 20th Century Fox and Google put aside their differences to strike a new deal that brings over 600 titles to Google Play users.

Google announced that shows like Family Guy and Glee and films like X-Men will now be available for purchase or rent on Google Play and YouTube.

The headlining title that is already available is Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, three weeks before its Blu-ray and video-on-demand release. The film will be available to purchase for $14.99.

The films and shows will first be available exclusively in the US, before hitting other countries in the future.

AllThingsD notes that the new deal means that Google has finally reached agreements with all six of the major Hollywood studios, like its competitors, Amazon and Apple.

The move might come as a surprise, since Murdoch famously referred to Google as the “piracy leader” that “streams movies free, sells advts around them...” on Twitter in January.

However, in August, Google said it was taking more measures to limit piracy by ensuring that pirate sites do not appear prominently in search results, which may have convinced News Corp that it can work with the search giant.



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