Glee: 'Makeover'

By Samantha Vélez,
New looks lead to awesome dance numbers

This week’s episode is all about changes the glee club members are going through, on the outside and the inside. The episode opens with Blaine, our “new Rachel,” who is trying to fill the hole that Kurt has left after he moved to NY. Blaine starts signing up for every club in the school, including the Superhero Sidekicks, D&D, and the Sewing Club. The result is an awesome performance of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” with Blaine on stage and a bunch of masked superheroes running around him.

Blaine also signs up to run for class president, his only opponent being Brittany, last year’s president. Brittany asks Artie to be her running mate, which disappoints Sam, so Brittany convinces him to run with Blaine.

Meanwhile, Will is going through a lull in which he has no new ideas for glee. He has kind of run out of steam, which Sue attributes to the fact that he achieved his dream of winning Nationals, and needs to move on to a new dream. During a national show choir committee meeting, he realizes he can do some good by running for a spot on a blue ribbon government panel to try to get more funding for the arts in schools.

In NY, Kurt lands an internship at Vogue.com, working under Senior Editor and designer Isabelle Wright, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, renowned for giving Steve Jobs his first black turtle neck.

In preparation for the election, Blaine gives Sam a makeover. Sam and Brittany sing “Celebrity Skin,” while trying on different professional looking outfits and waving their arms behind podiums. It’s nice to see Blaine’s new look, as he has given up his bow ties, a suggestion made by Sam. During a debate, Brittany sabotages herself by promising to end summer vacations and weekends, so that everyone can enjoy school everyday.

Things haven’t changed much for Rachel because girls at NYADA are making fun of her clothes, which inspires Kurt to give her a makeover at the Vogue.com offices. Isabelle catches them in the act and joins in. They film a fashion video while Rachel tries on different gowns and the three of them sing a mash up of “The Way You Look Tonight” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” It’s interesting to have sweet, kind character on the show like Isabelle, when we’re used to having antagonistic and edgy characters like Cassandra, Rachel’s dance teacher, and Holly, a substitute teacher from season two.

Blaine and Sam win the election, but it’s bittersweet when Kurt won’t answer his phone. He’s caught up in hanging out with the Vogue.com staff and doesn’t show interest in Blaine’s life. Blaine is frustrated because Kurt was the only reason he came to McKinley. Without him, he feels lonely, but Sam cheers him up by explaining that he’s excited to show people that a gay guy and a straight guy can be bros.

Brody likes Rachel’s new look and reminisces about how geeky he was when he first came to NYADA. He was a scrawny guy from backwater Montana with a uni-brow. Rachel asks him to sing “A Change Would Do You Good” with her, leading to a montage of them dancing in the studio and running around the city together. In a surprising move, Rachel asks him to come over for dinner.

Rachel burns the dinner she planned for Brody, but they bond over a pizza. Despite his promises to respect her space, he moves in for a kiss. It’s a make out session that’s hard to enjoy though because she’s supposed to be with Finn and the moment feels forced. Little do they know that Finn is outside the apartment, about to knock on the door, and catch them in the act.

Will decides to run for the government panel. If chosen, he will have to leave McKinley for a few months. Meanwhile, I’m antsy to see next week’s episode, titled “The Break-Up.”

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