Green Day cleared to play at MTV Video Music Awards despite dehydration incident

By Jon Hall,
Green Day frontman Billy Joel Armstrong recovering from dehydration

The MTV Video Music Awards are scheduled to air Thursday across the country. The awards show has built a reputation on being the most scandalous, outrageous and unique. Hundreds of celebrities show up every year, and the iconic punk rock band, Green Day, is no exception.

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Despite having to be hospitalized for severe dehydration, frontman Billy Joel Armstrong reassured fans that they group will be performing during the awards ceremony this year, according to the Chicago Tribune..

Armstrong's dehydration was so severe that it forced the group to cancel its weekend show in Italy.

"It was like severe dehydration, influenza, and it was just a really, really bad situation," bass player Mike Dirnt said of the scene.

So how did the punk rocker recover in such a short time?

"push-ups, prayers and vitamins," said Dirnt.

According to MTV News, the group were still uncertain about playing the Los Angeles awards show until Wednesday.

The band issued a statement to their Italian fans from the band's official website website saying:

"We are beyond devastated and will make it up to you when we come back next summer."

However, they cannot rest for too long after the VMA's. Green Day is scheduled to play on Sept. 21 at the I Heart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas.



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