Harper Beckham enjoys mom Victoria Beckham's show during New York Fashion Week from the front row

By Gina DiFalco,

Victoria Beckham brought her 14-month-old baby daughter Harper Seven Beckham to her Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection show during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday, where they sat in the front row.

Harper showed off a little white sundress and bow to match, and she sat on her famous fashion designer mother’s lap while she looked extremely interested in the models walking down the catwalk, sporting her mom’s designs.

When she wasn’t interested in a model or the outfit she was wearing, she would bow her head down but once a look caught her eye – she looked enthralled, the Daily Mail reports.

Not only does she seem to be a budding fashion critic, she loves to walk down the runway as well. “She loves to bomb down it. It's impressive. I had to Tweet her doing it the other day. She was storming,” Beckham told The Telegraph.

Harper is the youngest daughter of Victoria and David Beckham, who had three boys before her.

Beckham wore a short Khaki dress with exaggerated sleeves and pockets in the front. Her parents, Tony and Jackie Adams, were present to support her daughter on her latest fashion endeavor.

photo courtesy of Victoria Beckham's Twitter



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