Heidi Klum suing over topless photos

By Stephanie Marcell,

Heidi Klum is suing over topless photos. The photos were released by a French magazine, yet which particular magazine is not confirmed and being investigated.

The photos have circulated among numerous publications and Klum is trying to find the original publisher of the photos. The supermodel feels the photos were an invasion of privacy because she was on a private villa when they were taken.

Klum had been rumored to be dating her former bodyguard and these photos confirm the rumors. She recently admitted to dating him on Katie Couric's show Katie.

New York Daily News reports Klum was on vacation in France with current boyfriend and former bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, when allegedly illegal photos were snapped. The two were having an intimate moment when the photos were taken of Klum with her top off.

There is a lot of talk about Klum comparing her situation to that of Kate Middleton’s, except Klum can’t figure out who is responsible for leaking the photos.

According to TMZ Klum’s camp is investigating the publishers of the photos and plans to file a legal suit.

image courtesy of infdaily.com



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