‘Innocence of Muslims’ actress re-files lawsuit against YouTube and filmmaker in federal court

By Daniel S Levine,

Last week, Cindy Lee Garcia, the actress who appeared in Innocence of Muslims, the controversial video that sparked riots in the Middle East and freedom of speech battles around the world, filed a lawsuit in California state court to get YouTube to pull the video and against the filmmaker. While that injunction was denied, that didn’t end the case. On Wednesday, she re-filed the case in federal court and added more claims.

In addition to suing the filmmaker for fraud and slander, she wanted YouTube to take down the video because she said it led to death threats to her and her family. But a Los Angeles judge turned down her injunction.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia has now taken the suit to federal court and now she adds that the video posted on YouTube was a violation of copyright.

Garcia and her lawyer are trying to set a new precedent by claiming that an actor actually has a right to the copyright of his or her performance when “authoring” it for filming. She then claims that YouTube cannot rely on the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act since it ignored the her request to pull it down as she is the copyright owner of her performance.

The Wrap reports that Garcia is also suing every YouTube user who re-posted the video.

Garcia has alleged that the original script was called Desert Warriors and that the actors had their dialogue dubbed over before the video was mysteriously posted earlier this month.

Google’s YouTube has kept the video available in the US, but has pulled it down in several Muslim countries. On Tuesday, a Brazilian court ordered Google to pull it in Brazil in ten days or it will face a steep fine.



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