James Franco sued for defamation

By Robert Kirchgassner ,

Actor James Franco was sued for defamation this week by a former professor from New York University.

Jose Angel Santana taught a directing class which Franco took part in. The actor, according to The Wrap, was given a D for failing to show up.

Franco subsequently disparaged Santana in interviews. In his suit, the professor stated that the actor’s words have made it difficult for him to get other work.

"I didn’t feel like I needed to waste my time with a bad teacher and that I should go and work with Danny Boyle. I felt like that was the right decision,” Franco said in an interview, reports the Huffington Post.

Santana, who is no longer with the university, asked for unspecified monetary damages.

"The integrity, credibility and reputation of Dr. Santana is paramount to his continued success as a teacher and a director," the suit read. "Franco's false, outrageous and defamatory statements...damaged the integrity, credibility and reputation of Dr. Santana and threaten his continued professional success."

The professor has also filed suit against the university itself for racial discrimination and harassment.



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