Jennifer Aniston pregnant in Smartwater ad (Video)

By Stephanie Marcell,

A new Smartwater ad featuring Jennifer Aniston is poking at all the pregnancy rumors constantly swarming around her. The actress reveals a huge baby bump in the ad.

Ryan Seacrest is reporting on the new security camera videos released of Aniston. The ad is based around security cameras that are following the star. The ad opens with Aniston getting into her car looking her usual self, flat belly and all. She then pulls up to her fictional home and takes off a girdle in the kitchen. She turns around to reveal a huge baby bump and says “How are my triplets doing?”

The ad moves to a pool side scene where Jimmy Kimmel comes out as Aniston’s child and claims she is ashamed of him, later followed by an alien who appears to be Kimmels brother and Aniston's other child. All the while, men are filling her pool with bottles of Smartwater.

Aniston later moves to the bathroom again with pregnant belly. She proceeds to remove a wig and bids Rachel (her Friends character) goodnight. Revealing an awful head of curly pigtails, she then spots the hidden cameras in her bathroom.

She is telling viewers don’t let the cameras fool you.

Yahoo! notes that since Aniston has gotten engaged to Justin Theroux back in August the pregnancy rumors have been outrageous.

E! News suggests that the actress decided to make the commercial to spoof all the media which is relentlessly saying she is pregnant.

The ad ends with “Smartwater: more refreshing than the truth.”



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