Jillian Michaels has weight struggles

By Stephanie Marcell,

Jillian Michaels is known for her rock hard body and no nonsense attitude when it comes to health, but children change everything. The new mom is finding it to be a challenge to fit a workout into her busy schedule.

The Biggest Loser trainer has a lot on her plate. She just adopted a 2-year-old little girl, Lukensia, from Haiti with life partner Heidi Rhoades. The couple also just welcomed a baby boy named Phoenix.

According to Yahoo!, Michaels gained a whopping five pounds after the birth of Phoenix. She has committed to losing the weight by incorporating her family into her workout regimen. The workout queen has decided to instill a healthy lifestyle into her family early. She claims her daughter does not even know what soda is.

Michaels knows the pains that can come from being overweight. She told CBS, “Oh, my God, it was pure hell” referring to her childhood weight gain.

Jillian has decided to reset her idea of working out by doing activities outside the gym with her family. By changing her idea of what a workout is, she plans to reach her weight loss goals.

image courtesy of infdaily.com



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