Kate Middleton rumored pregnancy due to photo

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Ladies and gentlemen, the Duchess of Cambridge, bride of over a year to Prince William is with child…or she must be since she gained a few post-wedding pounds.

The Huffington Post reported that Star magazine is claiming that Kate Middleton is pregnant on the basis that she was photographed wearing a lace dress which was altered to have-wait for it-a whole inch taken out of the sash on the dress. Definitely a sign of a pregnant princess, right? Did we mention the alleged photo was taken in June and that Kate has yet to reveal said baby bump three months later?

The idea that a simple alteration is a sure sign of pregnancy is preposterous and quite honestly, moronic in my opinion. Is Kate not allowed to indulge in a few sweets every now and again? And, wasn’t it just months ago that the magazines were slamming the 30-year-old for being “rail thin”?

As the Post noted, this isn’t the first time the Duchess beauty has been the victim of pregnancy rumors. Last year, In Touch Weekly proclaimed that Kate was 6 weeks pregnant just six months after the Royals wed. If that isn’t enough, the tabloid claimed that getting pregnant was Kate’s main focus, stating that she couldn’t possible face the Queen without news of baby. Obviously a year and a half later, Kate is not carrying around an infant child.

It’s unfortunate that women live in a world where if we happen to indulge in a few mindless sugary snacks or we gain a few post-wedding pounds- we are obviously pregnant. The stress is over, the marriage is good and Kate and Prince William make a lovely couple, so when will her apology come when months later she remains thin and still looks fantastic?

So I believe we should all stand and bravely state: “Let them eat cake!” only now we shall add, ‘without stigma attached.’

Image Credit: INFDaily



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