Keira Knightley says she had ‘no life outside of acting,’ talks ‘Anna Karenina’

By Daniel S Levine,

Keira Knightley stars in the upcoming adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, which reunites her with Atonement and Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright. She spoke about the film and the effect a movie career has had on her life in the latest issue of Vogue.

After appearing in the hit films Bend it Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean, Knightley admits that the fame just got to be a little too much, notes The Associated Press. She said she had “literally had no life outside of acting” and wanted to “not be 'on' all the time.”

“I once went to the Glastonbury music festival,” she recalled, “and was completely surrounded by packs of paparazzi the entire time, so I ended up sitting in a trailer, unable to go out.”

The Daily Mail notes that she also spoke about the roles she picks, noting that she likes roles with more “bite,” adding, “'I'm not really interested in the kinds of women who just take off their clothes or have a sex scene and then say something cool.”

Knightley said that she recently re-read Tolstoy’s novel. “... I went, ‘Oh!’ It’s not a romance at all. I don’t think that Tolstoy is saying this is what you should do for love; quite a lot of the time he is saying the reverse,” she told Vogue. “He hates Anna at certain moments. She is both a villain and a heroine. She can be incredibly vain and manipulative. She is somebody who breaks her own moral code, and yet the shame and disgust she lives with because of that make her fascinating.”

Wright, whose Pride & Prejudice earned Knightley an Oscar nomination, told Vogue that he was excited to work with an older Knightley. “Now she’s 27. She’s grown into an incredibly strong, powerful, and passionate woman. I was very excited to capture Keira in this new form. She has an extraordinary intellect and is never shy of expressing that,” the director said.

The newest issue of Vogue is out on Sept. 25, while Anna Karenina opens on Nov. 16.

image: Vogue



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