Led Zeppelin talks reunion concert film, dodge questions about future plans

By Daniel S Levine,

Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, got together for a press conference in London Friday to talk about the upcoming release of their reunion concert film. They also dodged questions about any future plans for another reunion concert.

Announced last week, Celebration Day captures their December 2007 reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena. The trio performed with Jason Bonham, the son of their late drummer, John Bonham, who died in 1980. After his death, the group never recorded another album. The three had nothing but praise when it came to talking about performing with Jason.

“Jason was absolutely monumental in his performance,” Page told reporters, according to The Guardian. “Nobody else could have done it.”

For the film, Page and Plant admitted that they had to do some overdubs, especially on “Kashmir,” but Page said that there was very little extra recording to do. Plant said that they had to work on “Kashmir” “because "I was running out of steam.”

When it comes to future plans, they remained quiet on the subject, notes The AP.

“Let me ask you a question,” Page responded to the first reporter to ask about another reunion. “Have you seen the film? Did you enjoy it? Then we've done our job, haven't we?”

Celebration Day will hit theaters on Oct. 17 and home video on Nov. 19.



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