Makers of 'pink slime' sue ABC News for $1.2 billion

By Jon Hall,
Beef Products Inc. accuses ABC News of defamation

Earlier today, Beef Products Inc., also known as BPI, filed a $1.2 billion lawsuit against ABC News. The cause of the lawsuit is that the claims in the reports against the "pink slime" meat product were false.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the creators of the ammonia filler meat have also filed lawsuits against Diane Sawyer and other news correspondents individually.

Since the reports were aired, BPI has undergone severe damage to its company; three plants closed and 650 workers were laid off. ABC has defended its anchors and producers against the lawsuit.

"The lawsuit is without merit," ABC News Senior Vice President Jeffrey Schneider said. "We will contest it vigorously."

According to the Associated Press, the 257-page suit lists ABC and six other individuals as defendants in the suit, including a former employee who was interviewed by ABC.

Additionally, no agricultural suits involving libel have ever been successful, according to South Dakota University law professor Patrick Garry. It is unlikely that this incident will be a new exception.



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