Michelle Rodriguez comes back from dead in new ‘Resident Evil’

By Mallory Hatten,

Actress Michelle Rodriguez was confused when she got asked to appear in the latest fifth installment of Resident Evil: Retribution, seeing as how she was killed off in the first film and all.

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According to a OnTheRedCarpet, Rodriguez told reporters that after being approached she said, “How in the hell are you going to bring somebody back after they’ve been shot in the head? I did see the bullet actually exit the head in the back…How are you going to take that back? Please explain!”

But after the details were explained, Rodriguez was totally on board.

Dread Central reports that Rodriguez’s revamped version of character Rain, who has heroic tendencies and superhuman skills, helped free her as an actress.

The movie proved to be successful at the box office this weekend. “I have a feeling that [the film’s success] has to do with this slight death wish that humanity has for itself,” the actress said. “Any movie that involves humanity threatened in any way, shape or form, as incredulous as it may seem, even zombies, I think people will gravitate towards it.”

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