Michigan teen picked to be on homecoming court as a joke gets the last laugh

By Gina DiFalco,

The Michigan teen who was picked as a member of her high school’s homecoming court as a cruel prank had the last laugh on Friday.

Whitney Kropp, 16, was the target of a prank when classmates at West Branch’s Ogemaw Heights High School had elected her to be on the homecoming court.

She told her local newspaper at the time, “I thought I wasn't worthy. I was this big old joke."

But CNN reports that on Friday, Kropp attended the coronation as homecoming princess and couldn’t be happier that she chose to do so.

"I had thoughts about not coming [still tonight]," she told reporters at the game, wearing a red dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. "I just thought maybe I won't have fun, but ... I'm having actually a lot of fun right now."

She added, "I'm so happy -- this is so much right now for me.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that Kropp’s supporters wore orange in the crowd as they cheered her on, and there was press snapping her picture as she walked out on to the field.

“The kids that are bullying, do not let them bring you down," she told about two dozen reporters. "Stand up for what you believe in, and go with your heart and go with your gut. That's what I did, and look at me now. I'm just as happy as can be."



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