Most Extreme Celeb Diets

By Stephanie Marcell,

Extreme Celebrity Diet Trends

Master Cleanse

This detox diet involves eating nothing and drinking lemonade made of fresh lemons, pure rich maple syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper. Dieters are encouraged to go at least 10 days for maximum results. According to Mastercleanse, there are reports of people staying on the cleanse more than twenty six days. Montel Williams is featured on the website with his testimony to the cleanse. Beyoncé has also been reported to have completed the cleanse for her movie Dreamgirls.

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Baby Food Diet
The pureed version of food offered to infants is a popular diet among Hollywood. This one calls for dieters to replace breakfast and lunch with fourteen jars of baby food plus a light dinner. Shape magazine says some of the pros are “Baby food is low in additives and preservatives, Baby food is cheaper than a home delivery juice cleanse program and baby food can be stored anywhere.” Reported celebrities to have tried the baby food diet are Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

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Air Diet
This one requires eating nothing and simply holding food. This one gets a bad rep for amongst nutritionists for not supplying the body any fuel. The idea is to pick up food, put it to your mouth but never eat the food. According to Yahoo’s Shine!, “a French magazine says the is called the Air Diet.” Madonna is rumored to be a follower of the diet from time-to- time. Is this really a diet or just an excuse to be anorexic?

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The Cookie Diet
Snooki gives 90-calorie cookies and a small meal a day credit for her weight-loss. Dr. Siegals cookie based diet plan consists of eating up to six protein packed cookies, plus a small meal each day. The Jersey Shore reality star is reported to have lost ten pounds on the plan. Wonder if she will be using this cookie method to lose baby weight?

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The Workaholic Diet
Everyone knows Hollywood for logging long hours for work but some starlets use this as a way stay thin. Twilight star Ashley Greene reportedly lost weight due to working twelve hour days of filming and not eating. Many Hollywood actresses credit weight loss to simply not eating while working.

Have you tried any of these diets? Were they successful?



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