Obama addresses Romney’s 47 percent comments on Letterman

By Adeline Waugh,

Last night the current President of the United States was on David Letterman on CBS. There has been a video recently circulating where Republican candidate Mitt Romney makes comments that have some people utterly outraged. They are writing the video off as an indication that Romney does not care about half of the United States population.

As an independent voter and thinker, I wanted to take a closer look at the video to ensure I could understand the proper context and meaning of the video. Romney essentially explains that there are 47 percent of the population who are reliant on government and pay zero income taxes; therefore they will certainly be voting for Obama who will perpetuate this situation they have become accustomed to. Romney probably could’ve chosen better diction and not addressed this population as ‘victims’, but it seems to be a political strategy of twisting words when the media is touting this video as Romney caught in the act expressing he doesn’t care or worry about half the population. I believe it is closer to the truth to say the video shows Romney saying he doesn’t worry about that 47 percent in that he doesn’t worry about getting their vote because it is useless. He explains he needs to focus on the fewer percentage of the population who are independents and might actually vote for him.

When Letterman asks Obama to respond to the Romney video, which Letterman dubs as ‘dismissive’, Obama replies explaining that 47 percent of the population did not vote for him when he was running against John McCain in 2008, but that on election night he addressed all of America and explained he would do his best to help them. Obama gives a fair and political answer while it is pretty clear where Letterman stands in his disapproval of Romney.

I believe that in all fairness Romney’s comments might’ve been taken out of context and that he is simply referring to not worrying about certain people’s votes- not certain people. All things considered, I just think it is important to get all the facts and to look at this Romney video situation with a bipartisan eye. Romney was addressing donors privately before he was even nominated, while Obama’s rebuttal comments refer to a time period post election. As an independent during a time period where social media and late night talk shows can actually sway the minds of voters, I think it is important to research the facts and keep and open mind and a objective viewpoint. See both videos below and make your own opinion:



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