Oscar nominations move five days ahead

By Jon Hall,
Oscar nominations will now occur before the Golden Globes

The Academy Award nominations have changed the nomination deadline ahead five days. The new switch, which will now place the date ahead of the Golden Globes, will allow members for time to watch and vote for the nominations before the ceremony.

According to The Associated Press, the organizers for the event changed the date from January 15 to January 10 on Tuesday with hopes that the Academy's nearly 6,000 members can have ample time to cast their vote before the ceremony on February 24. Ballots are due by February 19th, so members will have over a month to decide their votes by watching the nominations.

This move will place the 85th Oscars ahead of the second biggest film awards, the Golden Globes, which takes place on January 13. For clarification, the Academy Awards are voted on by members of the Academy, which are prevalent film industry workers including actors, directors and producers. The Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

According to BBC, the deadline may be doing more than allowing members more time to vote. With the nominations coming out just three days before the Golden Globe ceremony, the Oscar nominations may take away some of the attention that the Golden Globes normally gets. This could also be a move to take back the spotlight, as more awards ceremonies are continuing to be produced.

The awards ceremony will inevitably gain attention like it always does. Will the new dates and conflict between the Oscars and the Golden Globes detract from the traditionally prestigious awards? What do you think?



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